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ISTA Level 1

Domingo dia 2 all Domingo dia 9. of Julio, 2017

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

International School of Temple Arts presents the SSSex

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Feeling the call for ISTA? This training is a deep journey taking place in a unique creative nature community project in Southern Spain, Andalusia. Summer 2017 get ready for a total 8 days NATURE immersion of Power, Love and Freedom!

Register by emailing the organiser - Aleksandra at:

Level 1 training is followed by a one week of ISTA Tribal Gathering and a whole Summer of Eros at el Valle de Sensaciones.


This revolutionary life-empowering course supports a masterful direction of our primal life-force, sexual potency and power to help deepen, embody & fully integrate, more respectful and vibrant relationship with ourselves and others.

Attendees include those from the various spiritual/sexual paths of celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory. The entire course is designed to support all individuals to find, feel, claim, and express their highest Life/Self expression.

It is a powerful immersion experience that awakens the healthy masculine and feminine energies and brings them into sacred relationship in the heart of each participant. It gives a taste of how life can be when the life force is flowing, and we are free to be authentic in the way we live and love.

Central to this is full presence, personal & transpersonal awareness, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual health & wholeness, and a lifestyle which honours the interconnectedness of all things. Embracing one’s shadow is one of the cornerstones & methods of reclamation, that assists to fuel personal transformation, liberation & expanded potential.

You will receive coaching and hands-on experience in the areas of: emotional release, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, conscious communication, rituals of initiation, energy tracking, exploration into boundaries and introduction of rituals of initiation and a powerful sexual clearing and activation processes.

No prior knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is necessary and people with previous experience are welcomed. Couples or singles of any sexual preference may attend. The greater mix of prior experiences the richer the training!

Can you imagine what it would be like to live at your optimal, efficient, vibrant, connected, and integrated state? Together, integrated, we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered in community, and in service as Love in the world!

• Ritual
• Breathwork
• Group Process
• Active Meditation
• Emotional Release
• Hands-On-Healing
• Guided Visualizations
• Subtle Energy Processes
• Conscious Communication
• Realize that you are love & freedom embodied
• Integrate your inner masculine & feminine
• Increase multidimensional awareness
• Let go of past dramas and traumas
• Expand your capacity for pleasure
• Celebrate sex positive community
• Transform the shadow into an ally
• Honor your healthy boundaries

More about the training and ISTA at:

Register with Aleksandra at or Whatsapp: 0048 508 106 834. To reserve your spot there is a non-refundable deposit of 450 euro required.
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Verano del Eros

Tantra y Sensualidad Consciente

2 de Julio al 15 de Septiembre 2017

Te invitamos a dos meses y medio de eventos y convivencia en la naturaleza, explorando conexiones auténticas y dando la bienvenida a jugosas aventuras. Únete a formaciones de profunda inmersión de una semana de duración, talleres de fin de semana o vida en comunidad en terreno del Eros durante todo el verano.

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