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The Intimate Body

Viernes dia 18 all Domingo dia 20. of Agosto, 2017

Weekend Tantric and Shamanic Circle

The body is ancestral, holding a memory of everything we have lived, yet it is ever new, able to create both disease and health at all levels depending on how we use our own potential.
A living extension of earth and sky itself, the body has a gender and an age, yet it is androgynous and ageless. It has a shape, but it can shift its very skin.

How do we inhabit our body?
What masks lie between our pure nakedness and the world around us? What mirrors do we constantly create around us?
What do we truly do with our sexual drive, beyond indulge or negligence?
How do we relate to being a man, a woman, or the combination of the two in one body?

The workshop will be held by Iris Lican, who is a portuguese dancer, teacher of tantric bodywork and guide in shamanic ceremonies. The workshop will be held in English and Spanish.

In this intensive circle work, we will explore:

- Tantric body work
- Experiencial Yoga
- Movement
- Body awareness
- Breathing
- Dynamics of touch
- Skin and nudity
- Voice - Improvisation
- Inner relationship to oneself, one’s body and sexuality
- Connection to the Earth and the ground
- Give and receive, support and being supported
- Sacred sexuality exercises
- Drum dance healing ceremony
- Sweat Lodge

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Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

2 de Julio al 15 de Septiembre 2017

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