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El Laboratorio de Ecoaldeas está dirigido por un equipo cambiante, de los cuales solo unos pocos estan presentes en cada evento. Aspiramos a evitar la creación de una dinámica de una comunidad establecida para producir un entorno neutral, en el que cada grupo pueda desarrollar su proceso libremente.

Guiar los procesos durante un tiempo limitado asegura la máxima presencia y la apertura de los miembros del equipo, dinámica asistida y procesos de grupo intensivos que respetan las transformaciones de los participantes.

No puedes esperar encontrarte con todos los miembros del equipo en el lugar. Muchas veces nombramos a quienes dirigen cada proyecto en el evento correspondiente.

pincha aquí, en el caso de que estés interesado en unirte a nuestro equipo.

Equipo Central

Pedagoga diplomada, profesora de yoga, masagista.
4 años de vida, estudios y trabajo en Tamera: Educaci¡on de Creación de Ecoaldeas, Permacultura, escuela de Amor.
Direccio de una huerta de permacultura de Tamera durante 2 años.
Crea espacios donde la gente puede connectar a traves de communicación veraz, cantar y bailar.

Aleksandra is a wild creative exploreress celebrating life in dance. She now settles down in the valley as a team member after 10 years of self-discovery and many adventures reimagining herself and finding community, belonging, freedom, love and integrity. She feels most at home expressing the archetypes of lover, artist and healer. She now aspires to craft herself as a writer, artist, facilitator and intimacy coach.


Wild wood and recycle carpinter, wood artist.
He is dedicated to the creation of tree houses, mini-houses, furnitures and artwork; all from wild wool and recycled materials. Most of the wooden constructions in Valle de Sensaciones are getting build and maintained by him.
Beside that he offers workshops about all types and wood work and also LandArt.

Lisa is filled with golden bubbles of delight at the prospect of coming to Valle de Sensaciones for the Summer of Eros, to become a part of the collaborative team & to teach/facilitate yoga classes. Lisa began dancing soon after learning to crawl, and her interest in aware, expressive embodiment has continued to grow since. She began practicing yoga in 2004, and teaching in 2010 (200hr & 550hr yoga teacher trainings completed in 2010-2012).

Teaching yoga at Summer of Eros 2017: Juicy Community Experience.

Facilitadores del Verano del Eros

Lead Faculty - Ohad-Pelle Ezrahi - world-wide renown teacher of sacred sexuality and Temple Arts. Besides his incredible knowledge and experience in holding group processes he has the most powerful ability to bring the experience into the heart level.

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: ISTA Level 1

Dawn is a performer, dancer, singer, a Watsu’er and a teacher of sacred love relationships. Her work is focused on enlivening women and men to live love at their great power, using methods of movement, ritual and theatre.

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: ISTA Level 1

KamalaDevi McClure is an artist, mother, lover and activist. She is the author of Polyamory Pearls, Sacred Slut Sutras, Don’t Drink the Punch, and co-author of Sacred Sexual Healing.

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: ISTA Level 1 and attending ISTA Tribal Gathering.

I believe in the connexion of sexuality and spirituality. I am initiated to tantra, meditation and yoga. I believe in the close connexion between spirituality, love and nature. I work as an English teacher but I am active in producing cultural, artistic events too. I am a plastic artist too, and had performed as a musician, theatre actor, dancer and others.

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: Polyamorous Convival Gathering.

A crazy zen-like visionary, full time Rhythms of the Heart dance practitioner, has two dance groups in Tel-Aviv and a monthly juicy dance party.​

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: Rhythms of the Heart - DanceTemple Weekend.

Passionate about DANCING my life.
My emotions.
My eros.
My spirit.
Meeting myself.
Meeting you.

A Dance Artist, Yoga teacher and therapist, Medicine Woman, Doula, Emotional Intelligence Coach, author, researcher and recolector of Sacred Feminine traditions and practises.

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: The Intimate Body.

My basic self-understanding is that of a conscious perceptive companion, a witness, a guardian, someone to encourage others to meet their own truth. And then i am sitting back stunned at human uniqueness, something beyond anything that can be archived, forced or controlled.

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: PolarityPlay.

In addition to founding the Institute for Conscious Sensuality (ICS) and the Hawaii Tantra Festival, Robert teaches with many of the leading sacred sexuality teachers around the world. He is a licensed massage therapist giving bodywork that incorporates the elements of lomi lomi, thai, cranial sacral and pelvic release techniques in a process that is deeply empowering and transformative. He also provides conscious sensuality coaching, trainings and mentoring via phone/email/in person.

Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: Conscious Sensuality Level 1

Otros facilitadores y monitores

British born and Berlin-based, I am a truth-seeking, edge-dwelling and earth loving creative visionary whose international workshops and rituals weave my passion for play, embodiment and authenticity with my love for creating magical and transformative spaces.

My interest is in the creation of spaces in which people can shine their wild beauty out into the world. I love to guide, through play, rituals, structures and experiments.

Nutzt neue und alte schamanische Techniken um sowohl den Menschen als auch Gemeinschaften wieder mit sich selbst und der Erde zu verbinden.

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Únete a nuestro equipo rotativo para llevar la Ecoaldea Laboratorio y visión para una comunidad permanente

Al haber entrado en una nueva manera de llevar el proyecto el pasado octubre, ahora tenemos la inspiración en el Valle de Sensaciones para invitarte a la expansión de nuestra experiencia de equipo. Conviértete en miembro de nuestro equipo o colaborador/a en el Valle de Sensaciones para aportar tus ideas creativas y energía de estas maneras:

    - nutrir nuestro proyecto de Ecoaldea Laboratorio,
    - unirte al equipo rotativo, o incluso
    - co-creando una comunidad permanente aquí.