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1. Rite of Power


March 13 - 19, 2017

The Rite of Power is a strong healing process and self-discovery, led by Sun Dragon and his partner Singing Hummingbird woman.
The shamanic teacher Sun Dragon has developed it from American and African shamanic teachings for people of Western culture. The ceremonies and shamanic technics will help you to experience the union with yourself and GAIA, the spirit of the earth. You may receive new orientation, more clarity and vitality.

Inipis (Sweat lodges)
Trance dance
Working with the medicine wheel
Shamanic journeys with the drum
Meditation with trees
Circles with the talking stick
Natural vital substances
and much more.

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Costs: Registration fee + venue fee + donation for guidance

The reservation fee is 144 € (standard) or 192 € (supportive) - there is also a low-budget price available by application only. This is for all costs needed to realise this special event: travel expenses of the shaman and possible assistants, translation, organisation, preparation of the place, burning wood for the sweat-lodges, cook, etc. This is non-refundable and to be paid upon reservation of your spot via a bank transfer. Details for payment will be sent out to you once you express your interest.

The venue fee is paid upon arrival and covers food and accommodation for 7 days (6 nights):
- 288 € (standard)
- 384 € (supportive)
- 192 € (low-budget - by application only)

The shaman does not get any of this money. He will receive a "give away" at the end of the ceremony. The amount of this contribution can be evaluated by each participant. The "give away" is an important part of the energy exchange, in a down-to-earth perspective but also in a spiritual level.

Helmut Christof
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