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Conscious Encounter

with YourSelf, Nature and Others

18. - 24. April

with YourSelf, Nature and Others


We are bringing the fields of self inner-work, permaculture and intimacy together and invite you for a one-week-experience to get in deep contact with yourself, with nature and with others.

A week of self development, growth and pleasure in a community life-style.

As we will have parts of structure and facilitation, so we will have time for communal cooking, sharings and togetherness in the unique setting of a permaculture art-space.


Our program for you:


Contact with YourSelf

-Yoga / body movements

-shadow work 

-voice work

-possibility Management

-emotion work


Contact with Others

-connecting & contact exercises 

-deepening awareness dialogue 


-sharing circles

-singing circles

-cacao ceremony


Contact with Nature - Permaculture connection

- Permaculture ethics: Earth care, people care, fair shares

- Permaculture practice of the day

- sense-merging meditation

- grounding in Earth meditation


We are 3 women and come together to collaborate and share our individual energies to create magic and support YOU on your journey to yourself, nature and others, to bring you into clarity about your true being, your ancient essence!


Sandra: is a 'fresh' mother and a high-sensitive person.

She works as a meditation teacher, consciousness coach and energetic space holder. Her passion is to create safe and sacred container with a tantric touch, where humans are able to play, connect and explore with their inner truth. Since May 2018 she calls the “ Valle de Sensaciones' her home.

Joanna: is a tender gardener and a fearless Zen woman 

Co-author of permaculture design workshops and a grower. She teaches edible gardening as a personal and collective transformation practice: for re-sensitizing the senses, growing ecological consciousness as well as deepening intimacy with nature. On fire on her path as a Zen teacher, she will guide you (and dare you) into dialogue beyond your ‘thinking self’ combining it with the intimate communication skills from Conscious Sensuality. 

Marcia: is a nomad and a fire-woman with a lot of motivation

Her fire ignites for the principles of: transformation, beauty, love, development, creativity and courage! She feels home wherever she can contribute as a Musician, Feel-Coach, Empowerment-worker or Ceremony-holder. The year 2020 she dedicates all her work to the topic of love, so she also started to work with Mama Cacao.


 To register and further information please write to :


There is an option to extend your stay for the following weekend-event  “hot tub affair” ( please see in our calendar)


Sandra Irmscher

Joanna Bojczewska

As part of the Cycle:
18. - 24. April 2020
Event fee:
Price: 350,- incl. food & lodging