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In other cases please have a look through our FAQ before getting to the contact form below

What about wwoofers, workaway etc.?

In a typical volunteer situation your work will be managed and supervised to ensure an efficient outcome in relation to the attention given. For that usually working hours are predefined and rigid, works simple and repetitive, and team structures are hierarchic. In case the venue has also other guests, volunteers are usually given an inferior status with fewer privileges and possibly even live in an independent more simple environment than paying guests or core members.

All this is exactly NOT what we aim to establish in our laboratory. In change, we aim for maximum individual flexibility and freedom and self-responsibility of everybody involved. Also, we aim to live in a connected, trustful and horizontal community with all people present.

For that reason we do not offer full work exchange to new participants, nor do we use the word volunteer for anybody, as this would define a role distinction to other participants.

We do offer partial work exchange opportunities to every participant. Full work exchange is possible if you bring relevant skills or collaborate for a longer term. Read more about work exchange.


Valle de Sensaciones is a laboratory. Here we offer the environment and the guidance to make temporary experiences which can be of great learning or personal transformation. You are very welcome to join this experience also for extended periods of many months. For now, there is no established community existing. So we do not offer the possibility to live with us all year round. Even our team members are asked to leave the place periodically as the constant presence inside the intensive human processes is very demanding and requires to also have a personal retreat. We are actually visualizing about setting up an ongoing community near the laboratory. This might be especially interesting for potential team members, facilitators or people working with our lab in any way. If you are interested we need getting to know you first in any case. So come and join the laboratory for getting to know our project and each other.
Just in case there are technical problems with our new website you are welcome to report them at

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We also appreciate if you add some more information about you in your profile, like birthday, gender and a picture. This will help us to remind you and to get it into the right context.