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Economy form

Economy choice
I will contribute an extra 33% to support the work you do.
I would like to enjoy a reduction of 33%, covering the raw costs of my participation, but not making a give away to ackknowledge past investments to build the unique infrastructure, not give a donation for the artwork.
My food expenses

Per week I spend on food, drinks and restaurants...

Hosting expenses

Needing to spend a night on my way to Valle de Sensaciones, I would pay...

Couchsurfing or sleeping outside
Backpackers hostal
Cheap room
Hotel with own bath room
4 Star Hotel
Air travels

In the last 2 years I traveled with airplanes...

For those who are not familiar with distances, here some examples (both way):
UK - Spain: 2.500 km / Europe - America: 12.000 km / Europe - India: 15.000 km / Europe - Australia: 30.000 km
or less
or more