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Ecovillage Laboratory terms

Joining the exploration in Valle de Sensaciones

Resonancia Community primarily comprises individuals committed to participating in entire cycles. The Resonance Hub, serves as our core coliving space. Additionally, temporary memberships are available for those wishing to join Valle de Sensaciones, our Ecovillage laboratory. Explore the following options:

Personal Guest: If you know someone already part of the Resonancia Community, reach out to them. They will validate if it's the right moment for you to join and personally take care of you and ensure a smooth integration.

Client: If you're interested in receiving coaching, teachings, bodywork, or other professional services, directly contact the person offering these services within our community. Below, you'll find a list of current offerings.

Events: If you're keen on participating in our events, check the list here. Each event announcement includes a signup link. After getting acquainted with you during the event, there may be an opportunity to extend your stay.

None of the Above: If none of the above options apply, and you simply wish to join for a specific duration without a specific reference, you're welcome to fill out our application form here. At the end of the form, choose the option to join as a guest. While we consider all requests, please note that there is not much likelihood to be accepted that way. Only if you inspire sufficient interest from someone on our team, who will then personally take care of your integration.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Resonancia Community!


Actually there are no professional offerings.