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Lunatic Celebration

Dancing, loving, praying in the moon light

13. - 15. September
13. - 15. September 2024

We celebrate the high energy which the moon radiates into our valley of sensations. The style of celebration will reflect the actual dynamic of the group. We want to give all space for the authenticity of the moment and the co-creation with everybody present.

Very likely these are some of the ingredients....:

  • long nights of dancing to world music by DJ Resonancia on our sound system, accompanied by his percussion
  • drumming and life music
  • experimental roleplay and juicy self-expression inspired by our wardrobe of fancy dresses
  • cuddle puddles or temple nights
  • night walk up the valley or moonlight rituals up on the mountain
  • clay bath
  • artistic performance or spontaneous rituals

....or any surprise

This events is part of...:

Seedcamp: 'Resonance - Eros - Community'

A juicy exploration to co-create the community field

21. June - 1. September 2024

Join us in co-creating a resonating field, where we grant permission for our authentic selves to be freely expressed. Together, we'll build trust through honest communication and celebrate the surprising authenticity that emerges when unique souls unite their creativity, wisdom, and juiciness in the valley.

Our process will be guided by frequent talking stick circles, medicine wheel ceremonies, vibrant parties, and wild dancing. Additionally, there will be tours of the inspiring and educational eco/art/environment of Valle de Sensaciones, presenting permaculture concepts, natural building ideas, and Ecovillage design strategies, highlighting their potential for our development and exploration as Resonancia Community.
Every participant is encouraged to share their ideas, experiences, and skills, contributing to a rich array of thrilling activities and offerings. Given the diverse circle of our friends, we anticipate a dynamic and engaging community experience.
Befriended facilitators and bodyworkers are also welcome to offer paid sessions and workshops, complementing the basic activities that are free for everyone.

However, our main quest centers on resonance and embracing the unexpected. Instead of organizing a schedule of activities, we invite you to be surprised by the pool of inspiration and wisdom that will naturally gather. We also welcome change and the unforeseen, giving them a rightful place in our journey together.

Besides our natural environment awaiting with many sensations and pleasures, there's also a temporary co-working space at your disposal 10 minutes away. In our Resonance Hub (coliving house in the village) you can use space set aside for co-working with fiber internet and 12 comfortable work places for computer work or clean art-work. In Valle de Sensaciones you can use our nature workshop for woodwork, clay-sculpturing, mosaic etc..

Why a seedcamp?

Through our project, Resonancia Community, we aim to create a shared space where individuals can deeply connect through the principles of Resonance. We envision an open environment that fosters self-responsibility, authentic expression, sex-positivity, and juicy communal experiences without the need for structured workshops or programmed schedules. Instead, we aim to offer a framework that encourages extended stays, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in personal growth and connection, with Resonance as the driving force behind their experiences and transformations.

Currently, we are navigating our own intense transformative journeys, which presents both a unique challenge and a perfect opportunity to integrate our personal metamorphosis into a communal vision quest. Therefore, we have decided to host a Seedcamp, inviting like-minded individuals to join us in co-creating the community field and bringing to life our shared vision.

As we prepare our new spaces, the Resonance Hub and the Oasis Coliving, we are taking advantage of the summer season to invite you to "Valle de Sensaciones." During the summer, this valley transforms into a natural artistic paradise, rich with a history of community-building over the past two decades. By starting here, we can cultivate the seeds of our community and later expand into our new spaces.

Join us at Valle de Sensaciones this summer and be part of the foundational experience that will shape the future of Resonancia Community. Together, we will build a vibrant, juicy, and transformative community based on communal exploration, deep connections, and shared values.

Event fee

Contribution with food & activities included: 
(small budget / moderate / abundance)
Weekend: 100 / 150 / 200 €
1 week: 200 / 300 / 400 €
2 weeks: 300 / 450 / 600 €
3 weeks: 400 / 600 / 800 €
4 weeks: 500 / 750 / 1000 €
every extra week: 100 / 150 / 200 €


The event will be held in both English and Spanish. Our common talking stick circles will always be translated to ensure everyone fully understands the contributions of all participants. However, certain panels or workshops may be conducted in only one language to facilitate smoother communication among interested attendees.

Seedcamp calendar

19 - 26 July Seedcamp: 'Resonance - Eros - Community' - fifth week - A juicy exploration to co-create the community field
26 July - 02 August Seedcamp: 'Resonance - Eros - Community' - sixth week - In a juicy exploration, we co-create the community field
02 - 04 August Hot tub affair - Warm huddle of the tribe on New Moon
02 - 09 August Seedcamp: 'Resonance - Eros - Community' - seventh week - In a juicy exploration, we co-create the community field
09 - 16 August Seedcamp: 'Resonance - Eros - Community' - eighth week - In a juicy exploration, we co-create the community field
16 - 19 August Lunatic Celebration - Dancing, loving, praying in the moon light
16 - 23 August Seedcamp: 'Resonance - Eros - Community' - ninth week - In a juicy exploration, we co-create the community field
23 August - 01 September Seedcamp: 'Resonance - Eros - Community' - tenth week - In a juicy exploration, we co-create the community field
13 - 15 September Lunatic Celebration - Dancing, loving, praying in the moon light