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Hot tub session

Warm huddle of the tribe on New Moon

22. - 24. November

Warm huddle of the tribe on New Moon

This time a german film crew will be present!
So please be aware that if you join us for this very happening, you will be part of this.

We will meet in our warm and cosy spa, where the hot tub in pure nature is providing joyful sensations and a cosy togetherness.
The community gets together in this cosy space and tunes in to strengthen the common field.

In extended talking stick circles or with other communication tools we open the space for deep and honest sharing. Usually important questions around the exploration of Love and Sexuality are coming to the surface and we are able treat them in dedicated sessions, adapted to the needs and wishes of each individual.
Intense learning around polyamory, authentic expression, self-responsibility, etc. arises through the authenticity of the common process and the healing power of the circle of everybody present.




A happening is a special moment in the community dynamics. While bringing the focus of people present and newcomers to the common magic and the possibly projected subject, it is still mainly about sharing the authenticity of the moment.

As part of the Cycle:
22. - 24. November 2019


Basic contribution
Providing the experimental field and living as community. Long term community members might cover this by work exchange.
56 €84 €112 €
Event fee
Costs to organize this event. Handeled by event organizers or facilitators.
48 €72 €96 €
Sum of all contributions
104 €156 €208 €
The yearly membership fee of 10 € is also requiered