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Laboratory household

An expansive realm to explore and discover creative methods of collaboration within a community

The household at Valle de Sensaciones is dedicated to providing and supporting a real experience of community collaboration, playfully coordinated by our community mandala.

Residents of our coliving, especially our keepers, who are drawn to spending a significant amount of time in the valley are encouraged to embrace the role of a fairy. Whether embodying the elements of air, water, fire, or earth, fairies take on the responsibility of coordinating one aspect of our community dynamics, both practically and energetically, throughout a cycle. This not only serves as a crucial contribution to our community but also provides valuable insights into community building. In return for undertaking this role, individuals are partly exempted from expectations to handle routine tasks.

Routine household duties, such as cooking and dishwashing, are then approached with a communal spirit among everyone present in the valley. While this fosters important learning experiences and lays the foundation for communal living, the smooth functioning of our household is supported by the keepers.

Residents of our coliving who attend the valley sporadically are given a special joker role, offering them the freedom for spontaneous attendance and empowering them to take on tasks, such as dishwashing after a meal they happen to enjoy, at their convenience.

Communal daily life as a game

The community Mandala coordinates daily and common life in an amusing way and allows a fair and flexible distribution of household and social tasks. It also gives an understanding of the different aspects of community life, supports a dynamic and creative being together and encourages to take responsibility and to value the role of our flatmates.