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Marble economy

Trade of marbles balances economy and activities

The Marble is our internal currency which provides flexibility and transparency in the economic dynamics inside our valley. It balances the contribution brought in by money, work or other activities and resources in relation to what participants receive. It has an approach of a game through which we are all brought to reflections about our contribution to the world, its value, our choice of work etc. Have fun and play the game lightly!

With the help of the Marble Game also the participants who aim for a work exchange can still design their day by day freely, without fixed times or expectations. The financial contribution to the project adjusts itself by the means of marbles automatically. As result it is possible to participate with a mix of financial and work contribution. But please do not join the project depending on earning marbles somehow, not having enough money to cover your stay, nor knowing that your capacities are well received actually. Than the Marbles Game might get tensed, leaving you with a impression of scarcity instead of abundance. So please just join if your monetary potential allows you to take it light.

While the team members and collaborators are all joining the Marble Game, any member - with exception of the trial membership - is invited to fully join the Marble Game. But in case you prefer simply contributing Euros there is absolutely no need to get involved with marbles more than possibly contributing for some desired sessions. In that case, skip the rest of this page!

Contributing marbles

Marbles symbolise the energy exchange between the participants and the project.
Each day 6 to 8 marbles are taken from each participant as basic contribution for enjoying the space and the facilitation as also covering the costs. He has to take care that the personal stock never runs empty.

Summer 8 marbles per day
Spring and Autumn 7 marbles per day
Winter 6 marbles per day

Gaining marbles

There many ways to achieve our currency

You can achieve marbles with money.

  reduced normal supportive
1 marbles 4 € 6 € 8 €

You can take over tasks and responsibilities and get marbles in exchange. The payback might...

  • fix for a certain task, like 1 marble each for receiving people arriving.
  • ...reflect the result, like 2 marbles for a bucket of olives harvested.
  • ...reflect the working time and the efficiency, earning between 1 and 2 marbles per hour depending on the outcome and the type of work. Sometimes it also might be a bit less or more.

Read more in the section 'Work exchange'

If you attract other people to join our project you get an acknowledgement of several marbles. Beside referring people personally you can also get a special code which you can place in any promotion, like facebook posts, other social media or your website. That way you might bring a bunch of participants and in change get a long stay with us for free. So get active in promotion beforehand and you might arrive having marble funds waiting for you.
You receive:

For attracting a new person at reduced quote at normal quote at supportive quote
...joining for a weekend happening 2 marbles 4 marbles 6 marbles
...joining for a week 5 marbles 10 marbles 15 marbles
...joining for an intensive workshop  10 marbles 20 marbles 30 marbles
...joining for a moon cycle 10 marbles 20 marbles 30 marbles

* signups inside the first 3 months after referring the person to us are taken into account.
* for each person just one can apply

We are happy to acknowledge your dedication when sending your testimonial, write an article about our project or uploading your photos. Find out more directly in the testimonial form


resource recompensation
Burning wood 10 marbles per m3
Olive wood 20 marbles per m3
Seeds and seedlings on agreement
Conserves 1 marble per kg
Marmelade 1 marble per 300 ml
Bread 1 marble per kg
Eggs 1 marble per 18
When sharing your skills, your knowledge, your inspiration, your healing, your pleasure you are welcome to ask marbles for it of the other participants. In case your offers are well appreciated you might cover your stay by giving treatments, offer teachings, running group activities taking people on local tours etc.. You define what you would like to get for it, in marbles of course. Find out more on the 'sessions' page.
And like in real life you are welcome to get creative. Busking on our main place, handcraft offered, breakfast service at bed, poems, kisses,... 
make it fun and find a playful approach about the market of life.

Recover previous payments

Allow yourself some time to adapt to the project and your processes, not concentrating on marbles as the first thing. But skilled people staying for a moon cycle or longer might find it easy to achieve more marbles than they need for their stay. For example carpenters, mechanics, builders, gardeners, masseurs, couches, event organizers,... . In case you have spare marbles we offer you to recover any payment to the project before, basic contributions, event fee, and membership fee at a rate of 4 € per marble.
That way in the end your stay might result in being absolutely for free.

* just applying the your actual membership period, not previous ones