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The people holding the Lab on the long run

The Ecovillage Laboratory is led by a team of skilled individuals, of which just few might be present at any time. We aim to provide a neutral environment for always new community dynamics to unfold. We understand our selfs as being in service ....
by maintaining and constantly developing this unique environment, 
by providing the organizative framework 
and by temporarily holding and inspiring the community dynamic and the activities. 

Please click here, in case you are interested in <a href="/node/28">joining our team</a>.

Director and architect of Valle de Sensaciones Tutor in the fields of green building, eco-technology, permaculture, music, art. Team member in the Global Ecovillage Network Developer and Focalizer of GEN sites ( Creator of the community mandala (read more)

"Out of the mind - into the heart - into the bliss."

My quality is staying focused in the present moment, sorting the confused minds of others and creating safe & sacred spaces in order to reflect, to grow, to engage with each other and celebrate life.

I am a human being, woman, mother, dancer , social worker and many other stuff (work in progress) in the path of learning and learning to be a better human and being able to help others without wanting to help.