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Participation guideline

'El Valle de Sensaciones'

is dedicated to the experimentation, development and learning of a way of life and a way of creative activity in the community and in unity with nature.


The experimental development is made on various levels, such as:

  • life in full contact with nature taking full advantage of natural resources and materials
  • creation and use of artistic, as well as sustainable, constructions and spaces
  • creation and use of systems of eco-technology
  • living together, human communication and eros explorations
  • living together and cooperating with other beings

In order to have a legal framework, and not to enter any restricted and conditioned tourist category, this project is made up exclusively by the members of the association Valle de Sensaciones.

We do not offer lodging and services in the touristic concept. If you decide to spend some nights at this place, may it be under the stars or in the artistic spaces, or if you decide to share the kitchen, toilette, or showers with us, you do that being aware of the concept of taking part consciously and willingly in a project about communal experimentation of unusual ways of living. Whoever is taking part in this project should be conscious that they are entering a non-conventional environment, and this requires total attention and caution on accidents and on causing any hurts to yourself or to aliens. Each participant must take full responsibility for his stay and his deeds. The use of any areas and buildings is at your own risk. Parents assume full responsibility for the stay and the deeds of their children.

To enter the protected area of our valley you will be requested to fully agree to our agreement field:

  • Taking full responsibility on the nature of your experience
  • Being confidential about our experiences
  • Not judging others in their way of being and their authentic expression

If you are not familiar with this agreement field please find out more here.

During periods which are declared as 'Eros Lab' the entire area is clothing optional and sex-positive. You need to be comfortable with that. Find out more here.


Daily life in a temporary community in Valle de Sensaciones

The community that is present on the place varies from 4 to 35 people, depending on the event and time of the Year.

The days to join are Monday and Friday to provide a safe space with flexibility and continuity for the group with an introduction and heart sharing circle in the evening.

The Group decides together how to design the shared time.
Usually we start with a common practical circle in the morning where we coordinate and share activities and tasks.
Everyone is involved in communitarian tasks like cooking and cleaning for around 1 hour a day.
This is coordinated with the use of the kitchen-mandala, a kind of Game to keep track and overview.
There is the offer of the Team for a sharing-circle or Forum every evening if needed or requested.

In order to have a legal framework, and not to enter any restricted and conditioned tourist category, this project is made up exclusively by the members of the association Valle de Sensaciones. There are different Memberships you can choose.

As there are different commitments and roles of the present people, taking self-responsibility of the own experience is very important.

The Team is holding the Space and involved in many different global tasks of the project.
The Crew are people who committed for a moon-cycle (starting with the immersion) and is working to keep the place running.
Participants are joining for workshops and a shorter period of time and have a lot of time and space to create their experience by attending workshops, taking sessions and/or initiate activities.

All together form a temporary community who all agreed to similar values and the same commitments that are written here.

If you have more open questions please have a look at the Q&A Section and feel free to ask if it is not listet as it is an evolving and expanding part of the Website, that wants to provide all Kind of Information you request.

You are invited to enjoy the unique possibility this project is offering and to co-create a transformative and nourishing experience with each other.



All contributions given to the project are defined in our local currency, the marbles. Still, if you don't want to get involved in work exchange or other non-monetary ways to contribute you might prefer to simply know about the quotes in Euro as presented here first. In the next chapter, we will present the alternatives.

Membership fee

For getting a member of our association there is a membership fee. For the trial membership of up to one moon cycle, this is just 20 €. It covers organization costs for running our project including insurance of all members.

Basic contribution

For joining the Community experience there is a daily basic contribution. This covers the costs of food and living, usage of the entire place and its infrastructure, the basic facilitation of the communal processes and some regular group activities like sharing circles, medicine wheel ceremonies, dancing parties with DJ, etc, besides the constant attentive guidance of our team.

The basic contribution is defined for each Moon cycle as written in its announcement:

Season marble quote reduced normal supportive
Winter 6 marbles 24 € 36 € 48 €
Spring / Autumn 7 marbles 28 € 42 € 56 €
Summer 8 marbles 32 € 48 € 64 €

Event fee

For joining some event we might collect an additional contribution in behalf of the facilitator or organizer.
You can see the quote in each event announcement or while filling the signup form.

Session contribution

For enjoying the optional sessions offered by members of our team or any participant they might ask a contribution. This contribution is defined in the session menu and given in marbles as we ask not to use any money once entering the experimental field.

Marble economy

Trade of marbles balances economy and activities
The Marble is our internal currency which provides flexibility and transparency in the economic dynamics inside our valley. If you join for longer you will enjoy the enormous flexibility it gives to your way of contributing to the project and your way of getting engaged. Everyone at the place (even the team) need to contribute marbles to the community, from 6 per day in winter to 8 per day in summer. You can achieve one marble by.....
  • money for 6 € normal quote (4 € reduced or 8 € supportive)
  • work exchange of 30 minutes till one hour depending on the work and your skills and motivation
  • promotion for the project, getting some marbles for each participant you bring
  • sharing your gifts by offering sessions to other participants
  • bringing in other resources like self-produced food, building materials, burning wood, etc.
Besides covering your daily contribution and the event fee you can also use spare marbles to recover any previous payment made to the project. That way you can use the skills you gain during your stay for later cover all its costs. * The usage of the marbles is limited during trial membership

Work exchange

Covering tasks and responsibilities as part of your contribution

As part of our flexible economy framework members have the opportunity to earn marbles through work exchange and thereby cover their contribution by attending pending tasks and responsibilities. It is designed to offer you a maximum of freedom and flexibility and to empower you to step into self-responsibility without rigid structures and the usual hierarchic management and control. For many people this is a very new experience, possibly challenging, which offers a great learning experience and might change your entire understanding of work, freedom and self-responsibility.
You will be able to choose between a variety of tasks, giving preference to a maximum earning by concentrating on effectively attending project needs, to the best best learning experience by selecting new or experimental activities, or to the fun factor of work.
* Be aware that for covering all contribution with work exchange you will need important skills relevant for the project.
* Please be also aware that there aren't always available tasks and that participants signing up to be part of the crew will have a preference in getting involved.
* If you are interested to get our support in stepping into effective work exchange you should join at least one entire moon cycle, starting with the initial introduction and joining the dedicated group process....

Membership options

Getting part of the association Valle de Sensaciones
For joining the community experience and our events you need to get a member of our association. We offer different membership options, further explained in this section.
    Reduced Normal Supportive
Full membership 1 year   20 €