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6. - 7. October

A day between the events. Letting sink the impressions, getting prepared for the new, and some time for whatever.

6. - 7. October 2019
Eros Lab
Included: This event is part of the Cycle dynamic and has no additional fee for participant who join the entire cycle.
To join this event it is necesary to take part in the previous event.
Event fee:


our internal currency
Economy level as selected by you
Basic contribution
Providing the experimental field and living as community. Long term community members might cover this by work exchange.
7 marbles per day28 €42 €
Event fee
Costs to organize this event. Handeled by event organizers or facilitators.
0 marbles0 €0 €56 €
Sum of all contributions
12 marbles48 €72 €0 €
96 €
The yearly membership fee of 10 € is also requiered