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Iris Lican

A Dance Artist, Yoga teacher and therapist, Medicine Woman, Doula, Emotional Intelligence Coach, author, researcher and recolector of Sacred Feminine traditions and practises. Teaching at Summer of Eros 2017: The Intimate Body. She is a mother, woman, sister, lover, companion, friend, animal and mostly a being at the absolute service of all beings. As did the ancestors, she believes that the artist, the healer, the philosopher and the shaman are one, in dynamic integrity. This is the basis of her work – be it bodywork, ritual, birth or soul journeys. In Portugal, her homeland, she co-created the Contemporary Medicine Woman Institute (a school of Women’s holistic therapies, health, nutrition, herbalism, sacred sexuality, birth and death), the cooperative Senhora d’Azenha (a Human ecology retreat center in nature). She coordinates a Tantra Yoga, Feminine Practices and Sacred Dance studio in Lisbon, and she develops The Contemporary Medicine Dances and Organic Movement research project. She studied Theatre, modern and contemporary Dance, Tantra Yoga and Therapy, bodywork and meditation, devotional dances from the ancestral feminine traditions of the Middle East, Northern Africa and Southern Europe (Sufi, Gnawa, Afro-Brazilian, Tuareg, Bedouin, Egypt), somatic and eco-somatic movement, Emotional Inteligence Coaching, she is trained as a Doula and initiated as a Medicine Woman. She weaves her practices from conscious listening, aware presence and the power of creation of relationships with all, in a cyclical dance of shadow and light wherein the wild potential of undifferentiated body and soul reveals itself, allowing us to rediscover and reinvent ourselves, our life, and the collective experience.