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Daniel Hernandez

My interest is in the creation of spaces in which people can shine their wild beauty out into the world. I love to guide, through play, rituals, structures and experiments. My main field of research over the last 9 years has been into the topsy-turvy world of the clown. This is a vast territory in which we can discover many wonderful things – freedom, presence, lightness, the pleasure of pretending, a fantastic idiocy, comfort within our imperfections, the transformation of faults into strengths, liberation, innocence, access to hidden parts of ourselves, sacred communication through our physical/emotional body, and a huge dose of fun. The deeper I have gone with clown, the more I have seen archaic/ shamanic clown and trickster cosmologies become fascinating and colourful routes into individuation, particularly those of the North American Hopi and of Haitian Voudoun, which also contain a vast treasure-box of mask-work, dance, and clown-lore. The clown is the guardian of an earthy, grounded humanity, a powerful spirit keeping us safe from solemn ego-trips, judgements and mind-games. In my workshops I also draw on a much wider variety of traditions and modalities according to the needs of the group and the focus of the work: These including Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Tao/Tantra, Massage, Tarot, Psychomagic, Healing, Maskwork, Art, Sacred Sexuality and Breathwork. My first calling was as a DJ/Promotor, and there is still a lot of music, cabaret, and party in my workshops. This element of celebration, mischief, and fun grounds our excursions into Creativity, Self and Group work, life, body, and planet.