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Joanna Bojczewska

My name is Joanna and I am a visionary woman on a path to become a Zen teacher, interested in holistic and Integral perspectives on ecology, intimacy and becoming a liberated person.

I have co-authored permaculture design workshops and grown organic vegetables on a micro-scale over 7 years. In teaching edible gardening I see both a personal and collective transformation practice.

Through direct contact with the land and plants in the garden, we re-sensitize the senses, grow ecological consciousness as well as deepen our sense of intimacy with nature. Gardening is the most immediate way to become practical agents of ecological transition and partake in regenerative cultures of tomorrow, taking responsibility for our basic need - to eat healthy, nutritious food.

I am training as a Zen teacher and have experience of supporting 7-day international meditation retreats. I have facilitated others in awareness dialogue practice, beyond the ‘thinking self’ and into articulation of insight from silence. I am always prepared to support one with setting strong foundations in meditative practice, from guidance on posture, through cognitive understanding of the states of consciousness (informed by Integral Theory) and discovering one's personal spiritual path.

In 2019, I gained skills in various areas of intimate communication completing 3 month-long residence internship and Intensive training in Conscious Sensuality (Level 1, 2 and 3) at Lolia Community Place, Hawaii.

I have lived, studied and worked since I was 17 in India, Ethiopia, US, UK and Poland and travelled extensively. My academic background is in Social Anthropology.