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Liberating female sexuality has been a passion for me for years. There is so much joy and juiciness in owning your sexuality. Letting this force of nature flow gives this sense of aliveness and spark in life.

I help women with practical bodywork, positive psychology and taotantric practices to help them to feel safe as a sexual being and help with cultivating their sexual energy. To feel empowered and alive from the inside out with a ripple effect towards all the other important life areas.

For eighteen years I’ve been pretty devoted to personal and spiritual development. It has been a path with great ups and downs. Life invited me to take a close look at relationships and family dynamics from a young age. In the period between my childhood and early twenties a lot of loved ones passed away. Long story short: the family dynamics changed and I learned to sacrifice my own needs for the happiness of my family. It got to a point that I didn't even know what my own needs were. Try setting a boundary when you have no clue what they actually are... doesn't work.

​Also losing these loved ones taught me that life is hard and I struggled to feel alive from the inside out. The sadness and grief put a layer of distrust and fear towards love and joy. And especially falling in love with people that I really, really liked triggered fear of losing.

Since I was twelve years old though I was blessed to get guidance of several great (female) coaches and teachers. Doing deep personal and spiritual development work I integrated a lot of these learned (unconscious) convictions and behaviors and got a lot of clarity around who I am, what my mission is and how to set boundaries and express my needs in (sexual) relationships. And how to love and make love in a conscious way.

There's a little more to it. I am quite a the woman on a mission (peace, love, happiness and shadow work for everyone!). Because I didn't take care of my own needs and was stuck in the idea that life was a lot of hard work I became quite the workaholic. This is where I learned to turn off myself, my juice and joy.

What really helped me getting over this addiction (it's still something I am working on, let's say I am an eternal student of life, integration and evolution), was getting to know my sexual being on a deeper level. 

How? Well... Sexuality is a base of life force energy. It's creative energy. When it flows, you are on! It's so powerful! When you know how to feel it and use it, you really become a master of your full potential.

This is my journey now. I said goodbye to my lovely city hippie life and use my sciency and spiritual talents for the greater good of liberating sexuality for women (and men). Conscious sexuality and relating is my passion and life.

Lots of love,

Some credentials
2018 ~ Sex, Love and Relationship Coach with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (1000+ hours)
2017 ~ Medical Basic Knowledge EU Plato Certified
2014 ~ Master of Arts in Theology and Spiritual Care at Utrecht University
2013 ~ Yoga Teacher Training with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
2012 ~ Master of Science in Clinical and Positive Psychology at Twente University
Through the years: Reiki Master, Moral Counseling, Existential and Spiritual Counseling (in hospital setting), Natural Healthcare Medicine and Orthomoleculair Therapy trainings, Leading Humanistic and Interreligious Get-Togethers, Research in Psychology of Religion, Organizing and hosting as chairperson scientific seminars for the Sector of Non-Affiliated Spiritual Counselors, Several Courses and Workshops in Conscious Sexuality for Women.

Internal presentation:
So I am a conscious sexuality and empowerment coach for women, but I am also passionate about conscious relating in COCO style (Conscious, Open, Commited and Organic). I love authentic and honest conversation, connecting from the heart and to spread this love and joy that bubbles up from my Yoni. And I love being a tad cheesy and silly, but I guess I'm also pretty serious every now and then.