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Peter Lewerenz

I am 45 and do reserch new ways of love, relating and living sexuality since my teens.
Since then i was interested in alternative ways of communal living, communitcation and inner develpment and it kept me busy until today.

My path lead to a Rudolf Steiner School and later I visited a shool for organic farming in the Nederlands and after an antroposophic Studyjear with a small community of Students in a rural area of germany (Hof Kotthausen neat Wuppertal). Here I got inspired with Theater and visited a school for Speech and Drama for the next 5 Years in Stuttgart, did civil service in a Kindergarden, and lived as a free teacher and peformanceartist in Stuttgart.

I left Stuttgaart because i felt the call to travel, visit Rainbow-Gatherings and felt the mission to initiate and help to organize Rainbow Healing Gatherings.

After three years of travelling i wanted to deepen my community experience and visited Tamera - Healingbiotope 1 in Portugal, joined the Monte Cerro Peace Education for 3 Years in 2005 and focussed my life more and more on Tamera and finaly became coworker for around 7 Years .

In 2018 i did join another small very radical community in Germany "go and Change"  for some month....
then i decided to make a break from community life and spend my finst winter since 16 Years in germany in my own room ! :-)

Now i feels, it is a good time to join the Team in Valle de sencationes and support in community building and conscious relating.

Looking forward to create a deep, authentic and inspiring culture of cocreation !

Blessings and welcome!