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Rita is a bodyworker, sexual healer and transformation facilitator. She has been traveling for the past 13 years worldwide studying, playing, living in sustainable communities. Moved to Asia 5 years ago, she dived into spiritual and healing schools and practices such as the ancient arts of Tantra, Tao, Thai massage, Shamanism and free movement meditation. She created a strong bond between her two passions in life: the connection with Mother Earth and the one with the Sacred Sexual Power as forces and tools to melt into Oneness. She has been working in sustainable education and tourism for over 6 years and since 5  she is combining those elements learning and sharing the path of healing through pleasure and staying connected and grounded on earth. Co-founder of the Shamanic Tantra Tribe Retreats in Thailand she's keep on learning and experimenting with the secrets of mind reprogramming, sex magic, self love and manifestation, she is sharing internationally those gifts.