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Workshops & other dedicated events

Step into intensive group dynamics and guided learning experiences

Workshops and other shorter events of few days up to a week (or two) offer the possibility to step straight into intensive group dynamics and guided learning experiences. We implement a variety of different event types, specially adapted to the communal laboratory environment. Find a list at the bottom of the page.

Upcoming Events

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Variety of Community dynamics taking place


During an intensive workshop, we are entering an intense process together. The community dynamics fully adapt to allow intensive processes, participants do not join the household tasks.

Community workshop

While keeping up the community life we step into a guided experience of learning and exploration. Teachings, which might be theoretical or practical, together with other guided activities wrap around our common rhythm as the community. All community tasks are covered together as usual.

Communal exploration

The community enters a thrilling journey of experiences, learning and healing. The focus and path will be co-created by all participants. Bring your longings, questions, fantasies, skills and unique character. Besides our common dynamic there will be much space and opportunities for your individual journey.


A happening is a special moment in the community dynamics. While bringing the focus of people present and newcomers to the common magic and the possibly projected subject, it is still mainly about sharing the authenticity of the moment.

Community experience

At present, communal life is not having a special focus. Participants are invited to design their day by day, individually or as a group. Periodic sharing circles support the field of trust, understanding and connection with everybody present. The community mandala organises practical interaction, as usual. A perfect time to get involved in your own project which you might bring (personal processes, artwork, computer work,...), to get involved in work exchange or to take initiative for manifesting the life experience you are dreaming of.

Community in action

A time dedicated to practical activities. Now there are many opportunities for work-exchange or practical learning.


During an immersion we build the crew for the coming Moon cycle. Community building and profound project introduction.