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Ciclos lunares, sesiones y la autenticidad de la vida comunitaria

In our Laboratory we offer a big variety of activities, related to the core subjects of our project: Building community, Eros (love and sexuality), ecovillage living, permaculture, creative expression, spirituality, personal growth and healing. Many are planned as shown in our calendar, but can also be booked form our big menu of sessions, or unfold out of the dynamics of people present, as we use to give much space to the authenticity of the moment and the community field.

Procesos comunitarios tematicos, cada uno durante un ciclo lunar

During each moon cycle, we build a new core community, starting with the new moon, the perfect moment to invite new dynamics into our life. Together we go on a deep journey of communal exploration, each time dedicated to a different theme and unfolding its unique community field.

Our team as also many of the participants are able to offer a wide range of teachings, treatments or diverse activities. To make all this offers available also beyond the previously organised workshops we have the format of a Session. During your stay, you can enjoy this activity spontaneously, as they might get scheduled short term in accordance with the common interests of the people present, or you can book them once being here.