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Experimental field

Living your creativity in sensual contact with nature

Hola. Acabamos de lanzar esta nueva web. Trabajamos en su tradución. Mientras puedes encontrar la vieja web aquí. Sentimos las molestias y agradecemos apoyo en la traducción

Valle de Sensaciones invites to open your senses. Feel the clay which is all around you, even forming some of the buildings, and inviting for an archaic bath. Wake up in a tree, or fall to sleep in one of our star beds.

Find all that materials in nature: beautiful river stones, tubes of cane, precious olive wood, flexible willow branches,... and let your creativity get inspired by them.

There are no massive buildings on the place to separate you from the influence of nature, no straight walls and right angles to create an artificial perception of dominating the organic expression of life.

The entire field is designed to make you feeling part of nature, find entertainment in each of its expressions, forces of life unfold around you.

Hugo Kuekelhaus, German architect and creator of the 'Experimental field of Senses' (parks with interactive installations) said.
" Walk some kilometres along straight roads of concrete, and you will arrive tired of your way. Walk the same distance through a forest, seeing animals, crossing rivers,... and you will arrive revitalized".
After that Achim Burkard realized two Experimental fields of Senses ('Wild rose' Ecovillage, Germany and 'Casa el Morisco' retreat centre, Malaga, Spain) he felt the call of integrating this concept much more into a real-life experience. Where you do not just visit a park with standalone objects for some hours, but to life inside an entire environment which invites for experimentation, and where the community is one of the core elements, as our tribal nature is one of our roots which connects us to nature.

Here it is waiting for you...
El Valle de Sensaciones, the Valley of Sensations

And how one little boy, playing in the lush area down at our little stream was calling to his mother: "Maamaa. Now I know why its called Valley of Sensations.....It's full of Sensations....

Come and explore them