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Conscious Living

6. - 12. May

Welcome to five days of conscious living together in a temporary community in the nature of the Alpujarras in Valle de Sensaciones.

A time to recharge and nourish ourselves with other like minded people.

There will be a basic common rhythm with:

yoga, meditation, common breakfast and a lot of time to co-create,
beautiful spaces  to relax, walk, talk, sing, dance,

time to tune in with yourself and others, create love and togetherness, exchange sessions,

to be creative, read, write, paint,...

If you want, you can book extra coaching and massage sessions with the Facilitators.

Every evening after the common dinner we will have a sharing circle and/or Forum to process the inner dynamics in the group.

We will live a communitarian lifestyle, where the daily tasks and responsibilities are shared and distributed between the participants.

Feel welcome to celebrate life and use the safe space for transformation and healing in a loving and caring community.


Sandra and Peter

Sandra Irmscher

Community experience

At present, communal life is not having a special focus. Participants are invited to design their day by day, individually or as a group. Periodic sharing circles support the field of trust, understanding and connection with everybody present. The community mandala organises practical interaction, as usual. A perfect time to get involved in your own project which you might bring (personal processes, artwork, computer work,...), to get involved in work exchange or to take initiative for manifesting the life experience you are dreaming of.
6. - 12. May 2019
Eros Lab
Included: This event is part of the Cycle dynamic and has no additional fee for participant who join the entire cycle.
Any type of participant is welcome to arrive directly for this event


our internal currency
Economy level as selected by you
Yearly membership fee
Insurance and administration
Just in case you are not a member already
5 marbles20 €30 €40 €
Basic contribution
Providing the experimental field and living as community. Long term community members might cover this by work exchange.
7 marbles per day168 €252 €336 €
Event fee
Costs to organize this event. Handeled by event organizers or facilitators.
12 marbles48 €72 €96 €
Sum of all contributions
59 marbles236 €354 €472 €