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El Laboratorio de Ecoaldeas está dirigido por un equipo de personas capacitadas, de las cuales solo unas pocas están presentes en cualquier momento. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar un entorno neutral, donde cada nuevo grupo de formación pueda desarrollar libremente sus procesos comunitarios apoyados por los miembros del equipo más experimentados.

No debes esperar conocer a todos los miembros del equipo en el lugar. En cada evento encontraras a los miebros del equipo presentes en el momento.

Haz click aqui , si estas interesado en unirte al equipo.

Director and architect of Valle de Sensaciones Tutor in the fields of green building, eco-technology, permaculture, music, art. Team member in the Global Ecovillage Network Developer and Focalizer of GEN sites ( Creator of the community mandala (read more)

"Out of the mind - into the heart - into the bliss."

My quality is staying focused in the present moment, sorting the confused minds of others and creating safe & sacred spaces in order to reflect, to grow, to engage with each other and celebrate life.

I am a human being, woman, mother, dancer , social worker and many other stuff (work in progress) in the path of learning and learning to be a better human and being able to help others without wanting to help.

As a handyman with a free spirit i tend to at least try to modify and fix whatever comes up.

My home is a cozy caravan with all necessities, I can work pretty much anywhere I am since I've got tools with me and even prepared the caravan with solar power and an inverter to run them.

I love being surrounded by open minded people and even more animals. Sharing thoughts, skills, support and love is my world... :)