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I have been exploring sexuality for several years, for me, sexuality is creative, transforming and necessary. This exploration has led me to become a somatic sex educator with studies in Sexological Bodywork.

I define myself as switch and I enjoy both caresses and a good impact play session (in both sides of course). In BDSM I have found a source of expression and inspiration. I have participated in innumerable festivals of sexuality, ropes and radical expression (Burns).

Since 2015, I facilitate spaces for sexual growth, and I have given workshops in national and international festivals, such as Erosphère, I have been also active in body exploration platforms, such as Touch & Play and The Family. My workshops range from dance to BDSM, emphasizing in presence, boundaries, consent and creativity.

I offer regular workshops in Barcelona on conscious sexuality and together with my partner and other collaborators, I have a project called Presence, in which we propose scenarios to play (TAZ). You can check my web:

I'm also a dancer (blues, swing, tango, contact), love food, massages (I also do shiatsu), and travel with an intention.