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Lee Silitoe: "Absolutely amazing! Love it! Thank you for one of the most wonderful and magical experiences of my life! Such a special, unique, creative, safe, natural and sensual space."

Stjan: "The most life changing experience I ever had"

Isabelle: "A little paradise in nature where you can be fully yourself and surrounded by heart-centered people. Every time I come I have an unforgettable experience."

Each Cycle is under the autonomous design and direction of a specific group of organizers. Therefore there are different conditions and participation guideline for each Cycle which you will find in its description. Find here the basic guideline applying to all.

Enjoy the entire Ecovillage environment of Valle de Sensaciones for your tribal gatherings, communal celebrations, group processes or other activities. We offer the entire ecovillage laboratory with all its infrastructure, nature, sensations and the full freedom to create the lifestyle and the experience of your choice.

If you want to join the laboratory and its cycles and events, please sign up directly.

For writing us a message you need to create an account on the website first. Than you can see all correspondence with our team in your user profile accessible also to all our team members.

If you have further questions enter here and to read the FAQ and to find the contact form below.

Valle de Sensaciones is situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain. Here you find detailed information about getting here with your own or a rental car, public buses, aeroplanes or even getting picked up by one of our friends.

We also inform you about what to bring

Please do not turn up here without previous sign up on our website.