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“ Deepening the community experience“


If you are looking for a deeper community experience you might want to spend more time and energy in this lifestyle.

Valle de Sensaciones offers a quite unique opportunity to directly step into a responsible position for a temporary period.

The crew is called the group of people who commit to participate for more than one full moon cycle (minimum time frame is from Immersion to Immersion).

Support the Ecovillage Laboratory on long term and co-create the vision for a permanent community

We are calling for team members and collaborators to join us in running our Ecovillage and Eros Laboratory.

We are especially looking for people who have experience living in an Ecovillage or community and would like to have an additional mission in their lives. We are aiming to create a rotating team that can provide a safe and structured space in the Laboratory (the valley) for our guests to have an experience of communal life in nature, exploring all the aspects that this entails.