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Planned events and optional activities

Activities unfold in both our coliving space and the ecovillage laboratory.

We strive to ensure that one of these places always serves as a retreat. On weekdays, when the house might be filled with intense work energy, the valley provides the best options for secluded hideaway spaces.

On the other hand, during weekends when the valley might come more alive with guests or parties, we make an effort to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the Resonance Hub. This guarantees that the space continues to offer a retreat within the inner community circle.

While some activities are clearly planned and coordinated by our team, many are designed as open spaces for co-creation within the community setting.


Activities in the Resonance Hub

In the co-living house, weekdays are designated for specific activities. This arrangement is intentional, considering the highly interconnected nature of our community space. Particularly, activities with higher noise levels are synchronized with everyone's needs and confined to a well-defined time frame.

All schedules are subject to modification based on community consensus, allowing flexibility and adaptability to the evolving preferences and needs of our residents.

Monday Talking Stick circle after dinner
Tuesday Movie evening after dinner
Wednesday Dancing evening after dinner
Thursday Whirlpool  Afternoon into the night
Saturday chill in the house all day
Domingo chill in the house all day


Activities in Valle de Sensaciones

The activities in our Ecovillage Laboratory are partially planned, as reflected in our calendar. However, in addition to these scheduled activities, new projects might always arise as a result of social resonance or as a spontaneous response to initiatives or needs.

Here are some typical offerings:

  • Hot Tub on New Moon
  • Lunatic Celebration on Full Moon
  • Talking stick every Friday or Saturday
  • Every weekend has a potentially vivid social dynamic: additional guests, dancing, celebrations, workshops
  • Every two weeks: Cuban Garden with Roche: learning and working, learning Spanish and theater-action
  • At least once per cycle: thematic introduction tours around the valley:  permaculture, natural building, eco-technologies, project-history
  • At least once per cycle: medicine wheel ceremony