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The Ecovillage Laboratory is led by a committed team of skilled individuals, of which just few are present at any time. We aim to provide a neutral environment, where each new forming group can freely develop their community processes supported by the more experienced team members.

You can not expect to meet all team members listed here on the place. In event announcements we name the team members present.

Please click here, in case you are interested in joining our team.

Director and architect of Valle de Sensaciones Tutor in the fields of green building, eco-technology, permaculture, music, art. Team member in the Global Ecovillage Network Developer and Focalizer of GEN sites ( Creator of the community mandala (read more)

"Out of the mind - into the heart - into the bliss."

My quality is staying focused in the present moment, sorting the confused minds of others and creating safe & sacred spaces in order to reflect, to grow, to engage with each other and celebrate life.

Since my teens I research new ways of living love, relationships, and sexuality. I was interested in alternative ways of communal living, communication and personal and spiritual development and it kept me busy until today.

Hi I’m Isabelle. I’m a world traveler, dancer, artist, musician, body-worker...  and cat.  

I used to explore female embodiment through performance art and still do it but now away from the contemporary art world and into the tantra world.  

Como estudiante y periodista he vivido en más de 9 países alrededor del mundo lo que me permitió crecer en ambientes multiculturales. Por los últimos 10 años he estado buscando formas alternativas de vida lo cual me llevo a vivir en un pueblito maya en la selva de Yucatan apoyando procesos comunitarios y de agricultura sostenible.