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Getting here

Valle de Sensaciones and Resonancia Community are situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain.

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Please do not turn up here without a previous sign-up on our website. We aim to provide a protected environment and a trustful connection between participants, so that deep and authentic processes can unfold. For that reason, it is mostly NOT possible to visit Resonancia Community or Valle de Sensaciones without proper integration into the community context, which is exclusively offered on the official arrival days.

Buses go from Granada to Cadiar or Yatór (closest village); from Almeria to Cadiar or to Ugijar; and from Malaga with change to Cadiar.

 Every Monday through Friday, only one bus travels from Granada to Yator in the afternoon, (14:45 -17.45) .It drops you off 300 meters from the main house. (This bus is unavailable on both Saturday and Sunday)

There are two buses that run daily between Granada and Cadiar, which is 5 kilometers from us. You can walk, hitchhike, or take a taxi from here. There is a morning bus, 8:30 - 11:15 and a late afternoon one, 17:00 - 19:45.

For all the bus options above, kindly confirm the specific bus schedules on

We will soon provide cheaper organized group taxi transportation services to those arriving on the first day of each cycle.

Go walking

It´s about 1-hour walking. You leave Cadiar towards the East, passing a roundabout where there is also a gas station. From there you continue on the A348 in the direction of 'Ugijar', walking past the bar/restaurant "La Ruta" and "La Para de la Suerte" before the street goes uphill. There you find the turnoff towards 'Mecina Bomberon' and 'Berchules', that's not where you go 🤣. You continue walking straight downhill. After 4 km there is the turn off to 'Yator'. You continue walking straight, following the main road another 1000 meters till you see a dirt road on your left. You need to climb over the guardrail to get to it💪. At the peak, you will see a vintage fire engine, that's the entrance to our Valley.


hitchhiking is a usually an easy way to get here.. People are generally very friendly and respectful. We have never heard about any unpleasant experience when hitchhiking. You leave Cadiar towards the East, passing a roundabout where there is also a gas station. In front, you have the bar/restaurant 'La Ruta'. That's where you should stand. You need to get a car which drives along the A 348 road, direction Ugijar, till the turn off to 'Yator' Even if the car would be able to drop you right in front of our entrance (see 'Go walking'), its forbidden to stop on the main road. That's why you better take the turnoff to enter Yator and go walking the last 1000 meters.

Taking a taxi

The taxi driver's number can be found written on a small card behind the glass case at the bus stop. He is familiar with 'Valle de Sensaciones' and it's location. The fare quote is €10.

Please bring... flashlight, sleeping bag, bed sheet, biodegradable products, the financial contribution....

We ask you to keep mobile phones turned off in the valley and to smoke only in designated smoking areas.