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Valle de Sensaciones

Communal exploration

Ecovillage Laboratory

Step into a intensive community experience in our unique environment of permaculture, natural building and art.

Eros Lab

Creating a field of trust, authenitc expression and self responsability where we can explore hidden issues arround love and sexuality.

Experimental field

Living creativity in sensual contact with nature. Find yourself as vivid part of the interaction between the elements.

22. - 23. Feb

Hot tub session

Warm huddle of the tribe on New Moon

24. Feb - 1. Mar

Living together

Co-creating the experience

23. - 24. Mar

Hot tub affair

Warm huddle of the tribe on New Moon

24. - 29. Mar

Spring unfolding

Time for personal and communal processes and garden…

30. Mar - 3. Apr

Creative Permaculture in Action

Communal preparation of gardens and designing the place

3. - 5. Apr

Lunatic celebration

Dancing, loving, praying in the moon light

15. Mar - 5. Apr

Spring Equinox

Transition into the New

16. - 22. Mar

Spring Equinox - Rite of Power

Shamanic transition into the New

6. - 13. Apr

Radical Faeries Gathering