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Ecovillage Laboratory

Offering the environment for you to step into community exploration

Valle de Sensaciones is providing an Ecovillage environment without being inhabited by an established community. That way we can offer a neutral field for communal experimentation and exploration. So once you arrive the community will be also formed by YOU, together with all the other participants.
The environment with all the communal spaces and little natural living spaces is created in a way which allows flexible community dynamics, where everybody find space of individualism, while easily engaging with the community.
The eco-technical infrastructure aims to be of easy usage while at the same time being educative. This concept together with the artistic appearance attracting interest got the award for "investigation on renewable energy" by the Caja España in 2002.
All the tasks and responsibilities needed for inhabiting such an ecologic and natural environment are well documented, supporting a real community experience where the participant gets involved on all levels and thereby gets a big variety of learning experiences.

Enjoy the entire Ecovillage environment of Valle de Sensaciones for your tribal gatherings, communal celebrations, group processes or other activities. We offer the entire ecovillage laboratory with all its infrastructure, nature, sensations and the full freedom to create the lifestyle and the experience of your choice.