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Ecovillage Laboratory

Valle de Sensaciones, our magical natural sanctuary to explore the longed-for

Valle de Sensaciones is providing an Ecovillage environment without being inhabited by an established community. That way we can offer a neutral field for communal exploration. Once you arrive the community will be also formed by YOU, together with all the other participants.

The environment with all the communal spaces and little natural living spaces is created in a way that allows flexible community dynamics, where everybody finds space for individualism, while easily engaging with the community.

The eco-technical infrastructure is designed for user-friendly functionality while also serving an educational purpose. This concept, coupled with its artistic appeal that captures attention, earned the "Investigation on Renewable Energy" award from Caja España in 2002

Our artistic paradise

The Valley of Sensations presents a natural, artistic, and educational setting nestled within a lush valley. This enchanting environment is purposefully crafted for a community to organically foster connections and activities while harmonizing with nature and its resources.

Beyond its role as a laboratory for human exploration, this space functions as a sanctuary. It provides opportunities for reconnection within the medicine wheel, the feminine moon temple, around the bonfire, on a shaded mattress right above the stream, or while bathing in mud – among the countless other magical corners that adorn this nature temple.

Communal exploration in paradise

What sets the Ecovillage Laboratory apart from other ecovillages or similar communities is the absence of a pre-established group of residents. This unique aspect allows for unfettered exploration of diverse human dynamics, providing participants with the opportunity to genuinely experience a sense of community without conforming to pre-existing social structures.

Valle de Sensaciones operates as a non-profit project.

Prospective members can join the Ecovillage Laboratory through two avenues: Individuals can join by having a nearby home base that caters to personal needs, with the Resonance Hub serving as one viable option. Alternatively, individuals can join as guests for a limited time frame or taking part in one of our events.

Living spaces embedded in nature...

Embedded in this natural paradise we created many small artistic spaces. They provide privacy to its inhabitants and they inspire individuality with their unique character. Everything in the valley is in proximity. The place offers many hidden corners and places, each one with a different ambiance. The group as well as each participant can freely oscillate between community and private time.

Getting together in unique environments

Spaces where to meet, interact, share, cuddle, discuss, make music, dance,...

each with a very speccial atmoshere: organic, artistic, with the historic vibe of circus, floating in hot water, inside the round womb mother earth, or in the lush depth of the stream,...

But don't expect to find straight walls and right angles

feel, explore, get impressed,... with open senses

Open your eyes, listen to sounds, perceive lifes touch, smell its fragrance, taste its fruits, and open for the subtil fondle of the unexpected. The valley is full of sensations, provided by the water, the earth, the fire, the air, nature and all the creations with and between them. We as children in this magical playground do our best to keep creating wonderful sensaciones...

Let yourself surprise, and....surprise...

Our ways to provide and support the experience

The Community mandala is a playful and flexible organisation system to manage the day by day of the community. The Medicine wheel is not just a spiritual power place for individual and group work, but also a symbolic map of existence where each element has its place. The Moon temple provides a sacred protected place for the empowerment and the healing of the feminine. The Talking stick facilitates deep and honest communication in the circle. The Agreement field creates a different cultural codex, inviting to step into authentic expression and self-responsibility. Permaculture creates a self-maintaining symbiosis between all beings and elements in the valley. .....and many more....

Lee Silitoe: "Absolutely amazing! Love it! Thank you for one of the most wonderful and magical experiences of my life! Such a special, unique, creative, safe, natural and sensual space."

Stjan: "The most life changing experience I ever had"

Isabelle: "A little paradise in nature where you can be fully yourself and surrounded by heart-centered people. Every time I come I have an unforgettable experience."

Gatherings, Workshops and trainings in the valley

The human dynamic in the valley is enriched by planned celebrations, workshops or other events.
Typically we have hot tub affairs on new moon and Lunatic celebrations on full moon.