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Living and working together

Step into a new era of communal living at our vibrant coliving space, where conscious collaboration and deep connection thrive. Our thoughtfully designed spaces provide a creative environment for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of contemporary work and rural lifestyle. Join our inclusive community, where shared experiences, a supportive atmosphere and a extraordinary cultural codex redefine the way you live and work.

la Casa de Resonancia

° 4 lit south balcony rooms
° 12 comfy living-capsules
° Top floor lounge and rooftop terrace
° Cinema, room for video projections with Netflix and YouTube Premium
° Coworking spaces with 600Mps fiber internet
° Whirlpool & Rain shower
° Communal Kitchen with communal food supply
° At least 1 warm meal per day
° Independent kitchen for private food storage and preparation
° Dining room for easygoing togetherness
° Bioclimatic architecture with passive cooling and central heating

Communal workspaces

We have coworking spaces with multiple worktables and 600Mbps fiber Internet offering an environment to thrive, network, and create together.

While our main coworking spaces are currently under construction, set to be completed in the early summer of 2024, we have an effective temporary solution. Take advantage of our small coworking space, which features four workspaces, or enjoy the versatile atmosphere of our top-floor lounge which is inviting for a productive work spirit between 10 am and 6 pm. Your workspace awaits, even as we build toward a more expansive future."

More information to follow soon.

Being integrated in Yator

La Casa de Resonancia is nestled in the very heart of the exceptionally friendly hamlet of Yator, a traditional white Andalusian mountain village. Witness the local community celebrating their daily togetherness right in front of our house, and you are more than invited to fully join in. Whether you choose to sit on our artistic bench, mingle at the village bar opposite our place, or linger in any of the village's romantic spots, neighbors will approach you with their open and curious spirits.

More information to follow soon.

Alpujarra Knowmads Land project

The "Alpujarra Knowmads Land" project is a recent endeavor led by our local town hall, offering an inviting space for digital nomads to thrive. The town hall serves as the central hub, providing both practical and political support for those embodying this unique lifestyle. Your presence is not only appreciated for its long-standing tradition of hospitality, but also on a political level, as we actively embrace and support diverse communities.

Soon there will be more information.

Infuse creativity into our village

Discover more than just a productive workspace within our community – from coworking spaces to the open-air crafts workshop in the valley. Extend your creative expression beyond our doors; the village can become your space for expression. Our town hall enthusiastically collaborates with artists, offering both the space and materials to integrate your artwork into this unique setting. Share your ideas, and we'll be delighted to facilitate the process.

Soon there will be more information.

Find a fertil ground and bring your work

We are thrilled to welcome professionals from various fields into our community, including those engaged in personal development, community building, conscious communication, new consciousness, sex-positivity, permaculture, and ecovillage development. Within our vibrant community, not only will you discover fertile ground and inspiration, but we also extend Valle de Sensaciones as a valuable resource for your work.

As a professional, you have the opportunity to host your clients in the valley and utilize the entire environment to carry out your work. We are eager to showcase and promote your offerings on our website. Join us in creating a collaborative and supportive space for meaningful work and growth.

Soon there will be more information.