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Human alchemy

The magical ingredients of community

Pooling the right participants

The process of selecting participants is undertaken with meticulous care. We carefully review detailed application forms, taking into account both intuition and many years of experience in community building. It is crucial to us that a significant portion of the group possess experience in areas such as community living, radical self-responsibility, non-violent communication, or sex-positive environments. This intentional selection ensures that we can readily offer mutual support, fostering the creation of a conscious and respectful community dynamic.

All participants are required to sign our agreements, ensuring that they enter our secure realm of trust knowingly and with full consent.

Tribes in Resonance

We are thrilled to bring people of different tribes into a resonating field, where inspiration and experience of various cultural codex is coming together. Beside Digital Nomads, Artists, and Facilitators in related fields, we send out a special welcome to the Ecovillage movement, the Sex-Positive movement, the ISTA tribe, the Radical Faeries, the Burning Man movement, and people connected to Contact Dance, Biodanza, Radical Honesty, Love Temples, and more. Having individuals from allied movements join our core community presents a wonderful opportunity to leverage the potential of Valle de Sensaciones by extending invitations to tribal friends for visits or small gatherings.

Economic flexibility

To avoid money becoming the primary determinant of community participation, we have introduced a flexible scheme that customizes contributions based on each participant's economic capacity. Furthermore, to uphold our commitment to inclusivity and maintain trust within our community, individuals are given the option to contribute either financially or through practical assistance to our communal household. This approach also ensures that service tasks are handled internally, avoiding the engagement of individuals outside our trusted network, thereby preserving the sense of secure space within the environment.

Community Nutrition

Common nutrition and shared meals are vital ingredients for fostering community within Resonancia. While participation in shared meals and related tasks is not obligatory, we recognize that eliminating structural barriers around food supply is essential for the community to thrive. To support this, food supply and meal preparation is organized and funded collectively, granting every member unrestricted access to individual or communal meal preparation. Additionally, the communal preparation of at least one warm daily community meal is organized, inviting everyone to participate and thus strengthening the communal bond. The tangible impact of daily gatherings around a communal table cannot be overstated, providing practical sustenance and nurturing a sense of familial care for each other's well-being.