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To have a better idea what you can experience when taking part in our laboratory you might wanne read what others experienced. In case you have been joining Valle de Sensaciones in the past and want to share your experiences for others to decide if it the right thing in their life situation, we are very happy to receive your testimonial. To ackknowledge your effort we are giving some marbles as appreciation which you can use for your next stay.
Nuno Amaral

It was a very powerful and expanding experience.

I spent a very good week in Valle from the point of view of inner discovery, destruction of social prejudice, with much peace and love, where I could meet wonderful people.


Continuation of the Healing Experience

The valley is the perfect place,to reconnect with yourself, explore inside you, express yourself without any boundaries. This time I could connect with the Valley more, so that means feel the nature, feel the elements. In conclusion the valley is the best place to explore inside you, to meet your boundaries, to express your inner desires.


Experiencia unica - Unique experience

Una experiencia unica de cocreacion de vida comunitaria. 

Llegue al Valle sin mas expectativas que aprender y crecer y he encontrado un lugar seguro donde poder ser yo misma, sin las limitaciones de la sociedad, aqui cocreamos juntos un ambiente donde poder encontrarnos con nosotros mismos y el otro, para poder ser autenticos seres humanos, desde el amor y el respeto.


An unique cocreation experience of community life.

I came to the Valley with no expectations but learn and grow and I have found a safe place where I can be myself, without society limitations. We cocreate together a safe environment where we can meet our true selves and others, to be authentic human beings, with love and respect.



The healing experience

There was a magical weekend in summer, met new people and experimented a personal healing experience,cannot wait to repeat more times.


The most life changing experience I ever had

I signed up for the cycle of celebration not really knowing that well what I'm getting myself into. I arrived a day late, because of lost luggage, and when I saw these dusty old cars at the entrance after finally finding the place, I began feeling like I made a huge mistake. I entered and after a while I saw a few people sitting in a circle, some were naked. They were passing a stick between each other, speaking in turns. I just thought to myself: "This is the stupidest thing I ever did, these people are f***ing crazy and I'm staying here for the whole month..." As it turned out it was actually the best decision I ever made... I expressed my feelings honestly right from the start and I quickly got more comfortable. I met very interesting people here and I feel like I've made some lifelong friends.

I love the valle!

I love thé valle! It's a unique place. A little paradise in nature where you can be fully yourself and surrounded by heart-centered people. Every time I come I have an unforgettable experience.


I florished more in a week than in many years of my life!

Just try to imagine that you are going through the "Sierra Nevada" until a small Spanish town where you have to start walking across the olive trees to discover "El Valle de Sensaciones". There, you are welcomed by the most beautiful and respectful beings in the world who give you a tour inside this new universe: circle, spiral, star beds, wild goats, river, clay, birds, gardens, solar panels, tree houses, communal spaces, "love temple", bridge, sacred spaces, mountains... You can feel the love and care that is put into the ongoing construction of this paradise. Private property is not even visible and there is no shortcut in the buildings. Everything is done for the benefit of everybody. This is for the physical context. Now try to imagine that the community life is organize around honesty, fairness and communication thank to amazing tools as the marbles or the mandala. Think that you can share a meal, cook, and clean the shower naked and smiling with people full of joy! No, is it not a dream, it is "El Valle de Sensaciones". A place for anyone to grow at there own pace.