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Community building

Creating a connected field of trust

The primary objective of the "Resonancia Community" is to cultivate a vibrant, interconnected community space founded on trust, encouraging each individual to embrace their authentic selves. Over the course of our 24-year project history, providing a laboratory for communal experiences within a natural, ecological, and artistic environment, we delved into the essence of what truly matters for individuals to step into realms of trust, openness, authenticity, and fulfillment.

Outlined below are the key ingredients that form the bedrock of this extraordinary community experience we offer:

The values creating a specific community field

Our specialized field of agreements serves as the foundational framework for establishing a community space rooted in an extraordinary cultural codex. The core values encapsulated within these agreements include:

Embracing Resonance ... while relinquishing expectations and goal-oriented focus.

Self-Responsibility: Taking full responsibility for the nature of one's own experience.

Authentic Self-Realization ... in an environment free from judgment and embracing sex-positivity.

Conscious Communication: Committing to non-violence, honesty, and deep sharing.

These principles are complemented by creativity, sustainable living with the planet, local integration, and the dissemination of inspiration to drive cultural change.

Entering this agreement field, fully aware of its significance and with complete dedication, is a prerequisite for becoming a part of the Resonancia Community. This approach ensures the creation and maintenance of a fertile environment where trust, authentic expression, and profound healing can thrive.

Intensive communal periods in tune with the moon

During cycles, we nurture and safeguard the communal container and the unfolding human processes within it.

The initiation of a new community always coincides with the new moon, facilitating a collective introspection that helps identify individual focuses for the upcoming cycle. As we reach the midpoint, the heightened energies of the full moon are harnessed, enabling communal celebrations and unlocking the full potential of creativity.
Towards the cycle's conclusion, we invite an internal focus once again. This phase encourages participants to comprehend their personal harvest from this unique time and to gracefully release the intensity of the community experience they were fortunate to be part of.

The magical ingredients of community

Pooling the right participants

The process of selecting participants is undertaken with meticulous care, with intuition and many years of experience in community building. It is crucial to us that a significant portion of the group possesses experience in areas such as community living, radical self-responsibility, non-violent communication or sex-positive environments.

Tribes in Resonance

We are thrilled to bring people of different tribes into a resonating field, where inspiration and experiences are shared. Beside Digital Nomads, Artists, Facilitators of related fields, we send out a special welcome to the Ecovillage movement, the Sex-Positive movement, the ISTA tribe, the Radical Fearies, the Burning Man movement, and people connected to Contact Dance, Biodanza, Radical Honesty, Love temples and more.

Economic flexibility

To avoid money becoming the primary determinant in community participation, we have introduced a flexible scheme that customizes contributions based on each participant's economic capacity. Furthermore, individuals are given the option to contribute to the community either financially or through practical assistance to our communal household.

Community Nutrition

Common nutrition and shared meals are vital ingredients for fostering community. While participation in shared meals and related tasks is not obligatory, we recognize that eliminating structural barriers around food supply is essential for the community to thrive. To support this, food supply and meal preparation is organized collectively.

Focus in Resonance Hub vs retreat and exploration in Valle de Sensaciones

Resonancia Community expands across a diverse environment with various accessible areas for every community member.

The "Resonance Hub", our coliving house, serves as a focal point for a vibrant dynamic of shared creativity. Creating an atmosphere conducive to collaborative processes and work focus is a priority in this space.

On the other hand, "Valle de Sensaciones" acts as both our laboratory for experimenting with natural ecovillage living and human dynamics and our sanctuary for connecting with nature and oneself. Within Valle de Sensaciones, online work is not permitted, fostering a commitment to full presence for all beings and embracing internal truths.

The simultaneous availability of these two distinct areas not only encourages individuals to separate work and retreat time but also facilitates the unfolding of two community dynamics. One is centered on collaboration and outreach, while the other embodies the natural flow of togetherness in the paradisiac surroundings. As a community, both individually and collectively, we embark on a journey of learning to oscillate between these two spaces, discovering the perfect resonance in our multifaceted interactions.

Planned events and optional activities

Throughout each cycle, Resonancia Community hosts a series of distinctive activities. Commencing and concluding each community period, a grand hot tub gathering takes place during the new moon.
Under the full moon, the "lunatic celebration" beckons for ecstatic dancing, encouraging uninhibited self-expression to unfold in the valley.

Discover here a comprehensive overview of programmed and potential activities. Of particular significance among these are our recurring sharing circles with the talking stick.

Jump into the unpredictable

If you decide to join our community you will step into a real-life experience. We can not predict how many people will be present, nor what is the dynamic or focus of each moment. The only thing we can guarantee is that what you find here is authentic and not made up or pushed to meet anybody's expectations. Instead, each of us, and together as a group, will have the freedom to co-create our experience, and be part of an adventure, experiencing unpredictable and unique moments and hopefully a common resonance to unfold. This unique environment, its art, its sensations, its nature, and the welcoming local village sure will nurture your experience to be enriching.

Receiving friends or working with your clients

Within our core coliving community, all members are encouraged to extend hospitality by hosting guests in Valle de Sensaciones. However, the Resonance Hub remains exclusive to our core community to ensure a protected and focused atmosphere conducive to work and communal processes.

Each guest must be hosted by a dedicated member of our core community, responsible for addressing all needs and facilitating a seamless integration from arrival to departure. Hosts have the option to charge an additional fee for their services, making hosting not only an opportunity for welcoming friends, family, or loved ones but also an attractive option for facilitators, coaches, or teachers to utilize Valle de Sensaciones for their work with clients.