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Winter Living

Staying Warm Together Programme

30. Dec. 2016 to 21. Mar. 2017

Join us for the winter of community living and working at the Valley.

23. Jan Living Together
30. Jan Living Together
06. Feb Living Together
10. Feb Fullmoon Celebration
13. Feb Living Together
20. Feb Living Together
27. Feb Living together
March 3 - 10 Immersion of Co-creation
Only for potential team-members
11. Mar Fullmoon Ritual
March 13 - 19 1. Rite of Power
21. Mar Cacau Ceremony
Spring Celebration

Spring of creativity

Creative practice, permaculture and community life

March 27 - June 30, 2017

Creativity will be spread through the valley whilst we live in community.

27. Mar Work and Community
Full-power spring time
June 2 - 30 Creative June
Artists Residency

Summer of Eros

Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

July 2 - September 15, 2017

We invite for 2 months of living together in nature, exploring authentic contacts and welcoming juicy adventures. There will be optional weekend workshops and regular group sessions during the week.

July 2 - 9 ISTA Level 1
International School of Temple Arts
July 10 - 16 ISTA Tribal Gathering
International School of Temple Arts
17. Jul Living Community

Financial contribution

We offer the participation under flexible conditions. During most of the events the economic contributión is handled by colorfull marbles and defined by the 'Apparatus comunitus creativus'.

While living with us you will need 4 marbles each day. Marbles can be bought (8 / 12 / 16€ per marble depending on your economic situation), or achieved by your practical input (work and other activities). Some events have an additional fee, which is defined in the event description.

During weekend events or intensive workshops you usually buy the needed marbles beforehand or on arrival, as the event might not leave much time for other activities.

During a long term participatión your economic contribution will depend fully on your way of integrating yourself and selecting activities, which you can choose every day new.
Then the ongoing daily contribution is usually somewhere between 'none' (in case your voluntary input gives preference to an effective work exchange), and 32€ / 48€ / 64€ (in case your focus is 100% on enjoyment and learning).

In any case you need to pay an initial fee of 56€ / 84€ / 112€ on arrival or when reserving your place. For that you get your first 7 marbles.

Find out more about the Apparatus comunitus creativus and the marbles as a playfull currency during your stay.