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Community spaces

Getting together in unique environments

Spaces where to meet, interact, share, cuddle, discuss, make music, dance,...

each with a very special atmoshere: organic, artistic, with the historic vibe of  a circus, floating in hot water, inside the round womb mother earth, or in the lush depth of the stream,...

But don't expect to find straight walls and right angles.

Central community space as kitchen, dancefloor, meeting point

The octagon is the central space of the "Valle de Sensaciones".

Thanks to its design it suits different purposes: It´s a space for meeting as well as for doing workshops, it is also the kitchen and turns into a dance floor when we party.

A glass haven which turns into a fire heated communal hot tub
A sacred space for female empowerment and healing inside mother earth
A consecrated circle cradling the essence of healing remedies and profound wisdom.
Open air group space under a walnut tree