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The Ecovillage Laboratory is led by a committed team of skilled individuals, of which just few are present at any time. We aim to provide a neutral environment, where each new forming group can freely develop their community processes supported by the more experienced team members.

You can not expect to meet all the listed team members and facilitators on the place. We name the facilitators and tutors in each event announcement.

Please click here, in case you are interested in joining our team.

Equipo Central

Director and architect of Valle de Sensaciones
Tutor in the fields of green building, eco-technology, permaculture, music, art.
Team member in the Global Ecovillage Network
Developer and Focalizer of GEN sites (
Creator of the community mandala (read more)

Diplom pedagoge, Yoga teacher and massagist.
4 years of living, studing and working in Tamera: Ecovillage Design Education, Permaculture and Love school.
Directing a Tamera permaculture garden for 2 years.
Creates spaces where people can connect through singing, dancing and thruthfull communication.

Aleksandra Grzebalska is a wild creative exploreress celebrating life in dance. She now settles down in the valley as a team member after 10 years of self-discovery and many adventures reimagining herself and finding community, belonging, freedom, love and integrity. She feels most at home expressing the archetypes of lover, artist and healer. She now aspires to craft herself as a writer, artist, facilitator and intimacy coach.


.Especialista en lenguajes, se mueve entre el inglés, español y catalán para enseñarlos, traducirlos, hacer de correctora, intérprete, guía o anfitriona. Le apasiona su expresión íntima libre a través del cuerpo, le encanta bailar y reirse, además del cuidado integral del ser a través de la alimentación vegetariana/vegana, ejercicio, meditación, terapias, juegos o conversaciones.

Facilitators and Tutors

...available to guide the processes in the laboratory.

When using the Ecovillage laboratory with your group, you will be able to select the facilitators specialized on the desired outcome and book them for facilitating your work.

This persons are usually just present during their own events or if booked by a group during the usage of our place.

Uses new and old shamanic technics for reconnecting people and communities with them selves and with the earth. Sundragon began studying the runes when he was 12 years old. At the age of 19, he experienced the awakening of the kundalini. At 21, he initiated an Afro- Brazilian ecstasy cult in the world of African Yoruba gods. Several near-death experiences deepened his access to the spiritual world. When he was 36, a Cherokee medicine man introduced him to native-American spirituality. His vision is a planetary, inter-cultural way of connecting people back to earth.

Lead Faculty - Ohad-Pelle Ezrahi - world-wide renown teacher of sacred sexuality and Temple Arts. Besides his incredible knowledge and experience in holding group processes he has the most powerful ability to bring the experience into the heart level.

Dawn is a performer, dancer, singer, a Watsu’er and a teacher of sacred love relationships. Her work is focused on enlivening women and men to live love at their great power, using methods of movement, ritual and theatre.

KamalaDevi McClure is an artist, mother, lover and activist. She is the author of Polyamory Pearls, Sacred Slut Sutras, Don’t Drink the Punch, and co-author of Sacred Sexual Healing.

British born and Berlin-based, I am a truth-seeking, edge-dwelling and earth loving creative visionary whose international workshops and rituals weave my passion for play, embodiment and authenticity with my love for creating magical and transformative spaces.

My interest is in the creation of spaces in which people can shine their wild beauty out into the world. I love to guide, through play, rituals, structures and experiments.

Step into our team

Join the rotating team to run the Ecovillage Laboratory and vision for a permanent community

Having stepped into a new way of carrying the project last October, we are inspired now at Valle de Sensaciones to invite you to expand our team experience. Become a team member or collaborator at Valle de Sensaciones to contribute your creative ideas and energy into by:

    - nourish our Ecovillage Laboratory project,
    - joining the rotating team, or even
    - co-creating a permanent community here.