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The concept of the 'Ecovillage Laboratory' got born

Offering the place for project incubation, thematic exploration, tribal gatherings,..

2014 - 2016

Recentering our focus on our locale, but now informed by a global perspective and international connections, Achim recognized the distinctive potential of possessing a comprehensive educational ecovillage environment untethered to a pre-existing community. The opportunities, particularly on a social level, are exceptional. While established communities excel in experimenting with ecological, agricultural, or economic aspects, a neutral human environment within an ecovillage context uniquely facilitates social and cultural exploration of innovative territories, as well as the mediation and healing of existing obstacles.

The "Rent the Lab" framework was developed, establishing clear conditions for renting the Ecovillage Laboratory. It was offered for the incubation of new projects, conflict resolution within existing communities, exploration around specific themes, tribal gatherings, and more.

Simultaneously, we continued to organize our workshops and ceremonies, such as clay and mandala roof construction workshops, full moon celebrations, wild women journeys, shamanic ceremonies, and community-building experiences.