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Conscious communication

non-violent, honest and deep

Communication in the community context is a central aspect of creating connection, understanding, and empathy.

Non-violent communication

Our communication ethos is rooted in the principle of non-violence, acknowledging that each perception is inherently subjective and influenced by personal needs, beliefs, and past experiences. This approach is founded on the recognition that there is no absolute right or wrong but, rather, opportunities for growth and healing. Rather than attributing challenges to judgments or blaming others, we emphasize sharing individual perspectives, emotions, and processes with humility and transparency. We aspire to transform challenges and conflicts through deep understanding, fostering an environment where meaningful transformation emerges from shared insights and empathy.

Deep sharing

We meet frequently for deep sharing in the circle of the entire community. Everybody is encouraged to speak about their personal perception, their experiences, and their processes while receiving the open ear and the open heart of everybody I am actually sharing my life with. The aim is to create deep understanding and a feeling of connection between everybody involved.

Process work / conflict resolution

Depending on what arises during each cycle, we may engage in process work or discover the need for conflict resolution. This will be celebrated under the umbrella of conscious communication, possibly involving tools such as the 'forum,' mediation, appreciation ceremonies, and other communication methods. Participating in such process work and experiencing the transformation towards understanding, empathy, and love is likely one of the most precious and transformative experiences in community living.