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Eros exploration

Love, sexuality and the power of agreement fields

2016 - 2019

In 2016, we embarked on a vision quest within our team of four capable individuals to realign our work with our authentic longings. Through this process, we discovered a shared resonance – a profound longing for an environment dedicated to the exploration, reflection, and healing of issues surrounding love and sexuality. Recognizing that these issues undergo significant transformation within our public and alternative cultures, and often constitute the primary reasons for conflict and failure in community projects, we aimed to create a space where these matters could be made visible and consciously addressed.

Starting with the three months of the "Summer of Eros" in 2017, we laid the foundation for the "ErosLab" – a community space dedicated to the exploration, reflection, and healing of Love and Sexuality. The "Summer of Eros" earned recognition as a finalist in the Sexual Freedom Awards. The ISTA training emerged as the most impactful event during this exhilarating season which then got repeated in 2018 and 2019.