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Impact beyond the valley

Opening the horizon towards global networking

2010 - 2015

It became increasingly clear that the number of participants must remain moderate in order to ensure a familiar atmosphere with open hearts. As Achim had the desire to reach even more people and contribute effectively to the global change, he decided to use the Internet as a platform o radiate inspiration and knowledge. After creating an intricate website for Valle de Sensaciones, which should also serve as a platform for artists dedicated to sustainability, he then joined first the Iberian and then the global Ecovillage Network in order to realize this laborious development work in a supportive team context. The platforms GEN sites and Solution Library arose subsequently.
Although it was satisfactory and credible to write in clay houses and hardware stores sitting the code which sent the inspiration about sustainability in the world. But this work soon became so complicated that the project Valle de Sensaciones greatly suffered. Guests did not always understand to be found intensive computer work in the highly anticipated paradise. And Achim had less and less spare capacity for the organization of events for the project.