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Launching Resonancia Community

Coliving, Coworking, and Communitarian Exploration in Resonance

from 2023

In previous years, we embarked on the initial attempt to create a community that would extend beyond Valle de Sensaciones, encompassing the picturesque and inspiring village of Yator with its numerous vacant houses eagerly awaiting inhabitants. Even the neighbors expressing their invitation. Regrettably, the first endeavor did not succeed. It was at this juncture that Achim questioned himself: How is it that wonderfully capable individuals can gather under the umbrella of shared values yet struggle to align with the same vision? What was missing for him to feel profoundly connected to this community intent?

In this introspective moment, he uncovered the one magical word: Resonance. Suddenly, he comprehended the significance of this theme throughout his entire life and all his projects – as a percussionist, DJ, instrument maker, architect, group facilitator, lover, and more. Now, he realized how much Valle de Sensaciones, with all its design and architecture, was his artwork designed to invite resonance. Resonance between people, resonance with nature, and resonance with the creative seed within. The pursuit of resonance had always been his soul's longing. With this profound realization, he decided to embark on a new project, signaling a reopening after a long break: Resonancia Community.

At this juncture, the vision and concept have been developed, with envisioned amenities mostly already in place. While a few constructional and infrastructural elements remain, and the budget is somewhat constrained after the challenging times of the Covid break, we are deeply inspired to launch this extraordinary project in May 2024.

One more important aspect to share: In very early 2023, Achim had a clear inner voice telling him that his Goddess, the woman he longed for and felt destined to be by his side for the upcoming journey, was waiting for him in some place in Africa. Africa, a land and culture to which his soul felt a strong connection and where he frequently spent time. Prompted by this intuition, he went in search for her and found her quickly. In reality, she was waiting for him, having been informed by the spirits about his impending arrival.
As of now, just a few days before our marriage here in Zanzibar, the place with the desired magic and ease in paperwork, we are excited about the next chapter. Soon, Goddess Melanin will hopefully be allowed to enter Spain and bring all her capacities in project management, public relations, and guidance of human dynamics. As also her explorative spirit regarding Eros and nature living, along with her African spiritual and cultural roots, will be instrumental in directing Resonancia Community alongside Achim.