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What to bring?

What to bring... The general advice is to bring anything that you feel would enrich your experience and make your time at the valley more comfortable. Consider the weather and your personal needs and desires. You are asked to bring your own towels and bedding, if you prefer not to bring all that we have towels and beddings on the venue for 1 euro each per item (for laundry). Here are some essentials to bring:

  • flashlight
  • towel - for drying (can also be rented here)
  • bed sheets – to sleep on (can also be rented here)
  • blanket or sleeping bag (can also be rented here)
  • toiletries (only biodegradable shampoo, soap, etc - please avoid colognes, perfumes or scented personal care products)
  • loose-fitting, comfortable shorts/trousers/dresses/scarves
  • warm clothes for the night
  • shoes - comfortable and sturdy for walking in the mountains
  • any medication, herbs, food supplement that you may need or enjoy having
  • remaining balance in cash

You might also want to bring....

  • sacred symbolic object - representing your journey (for the shared altar)
  • favourite lubricant
  • natural massage oil (e.g. virgin coconut oil is suitable)
  • towel, whole-body size, for use during massages (can also be rented here)
  • sarong/robe/wrap for rituals
  • comfortable clothing - lightweight, loose-fitting
  • journal/notebook & writing utensils
  • yoga mat (if you like to practice)
  • 12V charger (car charger) if you wish to use your laptop or any other electronic devise – (just 12V power supply, there are USB charging stations for phones)
  • fancy clothes or costumes for parties
  • Musical instruments
  • water bottle (reusable) and/or closed cup for hot drinks
  • Selfgrown food

During summer....

  • sunhat and sunglasses (if you like them)
  • sun protection (please choose eco / organic options)
  • mosquito repellent (if you are sensitive, not many mosquitoes here)

During winter....

  • warm clothes
  • waterproof shoes

When joining work exchange....

  • working clothes
  • proper shoes
  • working cloves

Please respect the valley by....

  • keeping your mobile phones turned off
  • smoking only in designated areas
  • not using any fire (even candles)
  • not consuming alcohol in an excessive way (also not during our parties).
  • not throwing away cigarette buds (like any other garbage)