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Arrival from Cadiar

From Cadiar, our nearest bus stop, it´s 7 km to Valle de Sensaciones. As there is only one bus per day on this last bit, every afternoon of weekdays around 17.00 (please check actual times on, you can also get here walking, hitchhiking or by taxi.

Go walking

It´s about 1-hour walking. You leave Cadiar towards the East, passing a roundabout where there is also the gas station. From there you continue the A348 in direction 'Ugijar', passing along the bar/restaurant "La Ruta" and another one "La Para de la Suerte" before the street goes uphill. There you find the turnoff towards 'Mecina Bomberon' and 'Berchules'. That's not where you go. You continue straight going downhill. After 4 km there is the turn off 'Yator'. Again you go straight following the main road another 1000 meter till you see a dirt road on your left. You need to climb the guardrail for getting to it. On the peak, you see a vintage fire engine. That's the entrance to our Valley.


Usually, it´s easy to get here by hitch-hiking. People are generally very friendly and respectful. We never heard about an annoying experience while hitchhiking to us. You leave Cadiar towards the East, pathing a roundabout where there is also the gas station. In front, you have the bar/restaurant 'La Ruta'. That's where you should stand. You need to get a car which drives along the A 348 road, direction Ugijar, till the turn off 'Yator' Even if the car would be able to drop you right in front of our entrance (see 'Go walking'), its forbidden to stop on the main road. That's why you better take the turnoff to enter Yator and go walking the last 1000 meters.

Taking a taxi

At the bus stop, you find the number of the taxi driver, written on a small card that is behind the glass showcase. He knows 'Valle de Sensaciones'. The quote is of 10 €.