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We extend a sincere invitation to each individual to embrace their complete authenticity. It is a call to step into the fullness of oneself, allowing the unique essence of each person to shine.


To support others in this matter we agree to no judgement. Letting go of judging others, their actions, words, and appearance from our subjective perspective. Even if we notice an internal appraisal of how we perceive others we will always „own“ it. With the awareness that it is the result of our worldview, belief system, and emotional conditioning and that others are free and welcome to live in their reality, follow their impulses, and explore new realms.

Clothing optional

You are welcome to go naked or dressed as you feel at any given moment. That also includes wearing the style of clothing of your choice, may it be to express your momentary vibe or to explore unusual facets of your personality. We also have an in-house wardrobe of fancy dresses at everybody's disposal.

Love, conscious and free

Love is possibly the most precious effect that starts weaving between/among us, once we share a common environment. We welcome love in all its facets, aiming for transparency, consciousness, and freedom. Everybody, and especially couples, are encouraged to stay faithful to their own goals and commitments. However, when addressing matters of love openly, it's natural for hidden beliefs and fears to surface. Issues such as faithfulness, freedom, and alternative relationship models like polyamory may be discussed amongst individuals or in group settings, fostering a space for reflection and understanding.


Sex-positivity is "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation. Offering a sex-positive environment doesn't imply expecting a specific sexual attitude from anyone or promoting sexual activities. We welcome everyone to express their authentic selves, whether it's erotic or asexual. However, we encourage transparency about your authentic sexuality and invite you not to conceal your desires. Simultaneously, we expect and encourage every community member to be conscious and responsible when it comes to consent and sexual health.

Queer/kink friendly

Sex-positivity also includes an open and welcoming attitude towards authentic gender identity and romantic, erotic, and sexual choices and expressions beyond any cultural conditioning.