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Central community space as kitchen, dancefloor, meeting point

The octagon is the central space of the "Valle de Sensaciones".

Thanks to its design it suits different purposes: It´s a space for meeting as well as for doing workshops, it is also the kitchen and turns into a dance floor when we party.

We can take off two of its walls and make it into a half open space for summer.
Thanks to its central hole in the mandala roof and its vaporizing ground it provides a nice climate in summertime.

It is made 90% of materials from our own land: clay, olive and ash beams, crushed reed, esparto grass and rush.

Including a natural fridge, a bread oven (which transforms into a stove), a fireplace, a radiant wall and a sound system running on the 12 V of the solar system.

Here you will also find the community mandala, a game with which we coordinate the living together.